Research Group


The Systems Optimization and Computer Architecture Lab (SoCal) focuses on a broad range of computer systems-related research, spanning data centers to microarchitecture.

With the emergence of cloud-scale computing and the impeding end of Moore's law, computer systems innovation faces unprecedented obstacles across the entire hardware-software stack. With the slowdown in technology scaling, the onus of future power and performance improvements falls solely on microarchitecture and software innovations to make more efficient use of the hardware. Similarly, at the data center scale, novel innovations are required to make efficient use of commodity hardware in the face of data-intensive workloads, heterogenous hardware, and energy-constrained infrastructures.

Current Members

Daniel Wong
Associate Professor

Ali Jahanshahi
PhD, Computer Science

Mohammadreza Rezvani
PhD, Computer Science

Nafis Mustakin
PhD, Computer Science

Ziyang Jia
PhD, Computer Science

Alumni Members


Dr. Amirali Abdolrashidi
PhD, Computer Science, 2021

Prof. Devashree Tripathy
PhD, Computer Science, 2021
Co-advised with Prof. Laxmi Bhuyan
Post-Doc @ Harvard → Assistant Professor @ IIT Bhubaneswar

Dr. Kiran Ranganath
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2022

Marcus Chow
PhD, Computer Science, 2023
Assistant Professor @ Los Angeles Harbor College


  • Ruiwen Li, MS CEN, 2016. Last seen: Amazon

  • Yukun Chen, MS EE, 2017.

  • Shahriyar Valielahi Roshan, MS CS, 2018. Last seen: Founder, LucidCo Inc.

  • Haoxiang Li, MS CEN, 2019. Last seen: Kwest

  • Manjunath Shivashankarappa, MS CEN, 2019. Last seen: Amazon

  • Kaustubh Singh, MS CEN, 2020. Last seen: Qualcomm

  • Songrui He, MS CEN, 2021.

  • Huy Tran, MS CEN, 2023.

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