The goals of paper reviews are for you to learn how to analyze and critique papers. It will help you develop critical thinking and teach you how papers are written for clarity.


Paper reviews are done individually, and are due on iLearn before class.


You are require to submit 2 paper reviews each week (excluding weeks where there are no meetings).
For weeks with 3 paper readings, you can select any 2 papers to review.
Please use 12 point font, single spaced.

Paper reviews must consist of the following five sections:

Summary: The summary should highlight key items of the paper, such as, what is the key idea?, what is the main problem the paper is targeting? what is the key insight and main takeaway for the paper?

Strengths: For example, What did the paper do well? There are many strengths to papers. Highlight the main strengths.

Weaknesses: What are shortcomings/limitations of the paper? Every paper has weaknesses. Highlight the main weaknesses.

Detailed Comments: This should be the majority of your review. What are your thoughts or ideas about the paper? Can you solve the problem in a better way? What are some future research directions? etc.

Question for presenter: One question that you would like the presenter to answer.